ug环球360:The social contract between the diner and the food provider


TODAY, a few states in the US declared that monkeypox is a public health emergency just days after World Health Organization did the same.

This declaration has cause public fatigue towards a pandemic or potential pandemic after Covid-19.

We saw many lockdowns, many measures that are going to change our lives forever, not to mention the number of people that have succumbed to the virus.

However, we cannot help but think that we are now officially responsible for one another. If a person is sick or feeling unwell, then he or she should not come near.

If a person tests positive, he or she should quarantine and get medical help if the medical warning signs are present.

However, we must all remember that when it comes to eating (yes, some say it’s a Malaysian pastime), there is an unwritten social contract between the provider and the recipient of the food.




Many (including those in sundry shops) have forgotten what we have experienced over the past two-and-a-half years and, with the emergence of another potential infectious disease, some might need reminding.

Many might not agree – they may even ridicule it – but I bring your attention to an article written sometime ago, where the author was heavily criticised.

Yet, looking at where we are today, it was indeed some sound advice.

When reading this, remember that many of our nation’s children have not been vaccinated and not following the advice are putting them mainly at risk.

The customer’s point of view

As a customer, I expect that:

Your workers are all vaccinatedYou have affirmed that your workers are well before entering the premises workYour workers must prepare/serve/take orders following all SOPs, including masking and hand hygiene.All utensils are all washed properly.The restaurant is hygienic. This includes a proper sitting area (with distance between tables) and that the food prepared is covered until someone wants to eat. Also have proper ventilationYou clean the tables/chairs/counters after it has been used by other customers.

The restaurant’s point of view

An owner would expect that all customers:

Mask when coming into restaurants, except when eating, even at the buffet and regardless of how many helpings you need.Do not handle multiple plates/utensils/glasses and then discard them. This has ruined all our efforts to ensure they are clean for the next personDo not come in if you are unwell. You are welcome to pack your food to go, but please do not dine in, you are putting our staff and other customers at riskPractice hygiene. If you are about to sneeze or cough, then cover up. We have other people in the same area who might be uncomfortable with your habits.Never argue with workers when they ask you to practice the SOPs. Everyone is following regulationsDo not smoke on the premises. As much as you would like to light up, there are at least another five people around you who don’t and you have spoiled their meal.